Food for Good is a community based initiative which identifies society’s most needy and develops programs to assist them wherever possible.
The organization is a non-profit company with section 18 registration (PBO Number: 930063972)
. We are geared towards sustainability and innovation to a demographic which requires new solutions for age old problems

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the lives today. Our plans are immediate and focused on the current environment.
We exist only due to the fact that number of those unemployed is increasing and the circumstances of people deteriorates daily.
We serve those people who require value for the extremely difficult circumstances they operate in.
Our focus right now is directed at the informal recyclers across Johannesburg.
The model we employ provides food to the informal recyclers. Food is donated from shops, wholesalers and other retail sources.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to change the value perception of waste.
Recycled material is a re-generational resource. The idea of dirt and garbage needs to be redressed to evoke an idea of recreation. The volume of lost
potential in traditional refuse can assist thousands of people by providing basic food items and services.”
Our vision is to improve the life of anyone who is facing financial difficulty in whatever way possible. We are adaptive and constantly analyzing our
environment to assess how better we can serve those who require assistance.

Our History

The organization aims to serve those people who have severe financial challenges in life. The people we hope to help may not have the necessary degrees or qualifications and thus find it difficult to make ends meet.

The model we are growing right now is designed primarily around the recycling community. The street recyclers are the most vulnerable in the recycling
sector of our economy and we hope to provide them with food and services to assist them in increasing their yield as well as returning a higher value per
load they carry.

At the moment the state of our environment and sustainable efforts are not as effective as they could be. Our initiative is important as the unemployment
in South Africa is steadily increasing and cost of living becomes more of a challenge.

The number of recyclers are increasing. This can be attributed to growing number of destitute people from a weakening economy. It is vital for society to
assist these people through whatever means there may be. One of the avenues we have chosen is using our Sec 18 certification to incentivize business to
our activities. We therefore envision the business model to reach a higher number of people over a wider area. At the moment our goal is to assist those
located in the Johannesburg region. Once we have achieved a good level of process management the organization envisions expanding to other
metropolitan areas in South Africa.

Within Johannesburg we will have a central location where the goods will be disbursed and recycled material collected. In terms of recyclers we hope to
reach over 500 people, collect over 200 tonnes of recyclable material and distribute a thousand tonnes per month.

Our target market are the recyclers. The demographics of these individuals are primarily black males, be

We hope to address their needs by providing them with discounted food and services, where they traditionally use the funds received to buy food at
market value.